Top 5 Homeowner Insurance Companies in the United States

Many insurance policies are favorable to countless people. Collected.Reviews has a variety of opinions about the benefits of homeowner insurance. Some of the benefits are its protection from activities that can cause a financial setback. Activities like flooding, theft of properties, vandalism, and many more that require repairing or replacing your home.

You can read about homeowner insurance to know what the policy entails. As an investment to protect your assets and properties, there are many insurance companies with the best insurance rate in the U.S. Choosing homeowner insurance is dependent on a company’s coverage and price.

You can consider the things you want to insure and the risk it involves. You can also consider the amount your homeowner insurance will require. You can do this by estimating your average inventory and the living expenses of your home. Choosing an insurance company and choosing a policy comes after. Some of the best homeowner insurance companies you can opt for in the U.S. are:

1.   Allstate:

This company has a sample monthly cost of $169.00. As one of the biggest and largest U.S. insurers, they have about 42,000 employees, $40 billion in revenue (as of 2018), and over 16 million customers. The company also owns SquareTrade, Encompass Insurance, and Esurance. They even offer feature incentives on your policies and a discount for smoke-free and seniors homes.

2.   USAA:

As a mega company with over 12.8 million members, it offers a variety of insurance and financial products. Its services are sometimes concentrated on armed forces, veterans, and their families, as well as reserves of any rank. The company has over 34,000 employees and offers homeowner insurance, insurance to autos, small businesses, life, personal property, etc.

3.   Amica Mutual Insurance:

With a monthly cost of about $109.33, the company offers illustrative rates. Amica is based in Rhode Island and it has about 44 offices in the U.S. With a 20% annual dividend to policyholders, Amica offers homeowner insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and a few other policies.

4.   Erie Insurance:

This company has a sample monthly cost of $79.25. Aside from their homeowners’ policy which is flexible and admirable, they offer insurance for recreational vehicles, policies for boats and motorcycles, as well as life insurance. They also offer retirement planning services. They operate in the East and Midwest and you can get policies from independent agents allied with the company.

5.   State Farm:

With a sample monthly cost of $122.50, they have about 19,000 independent agents, 58,000 employees, and over 83 million policies and accounts in the U.S. The company offers insurance for disability, manufactured homes, life insurance, and a few others.

Other insurance companies include Liberty Mutual with customized coverage options for different customers. Hartford is another company that offers varieties of add-ons packages which include sump pump overflow, water backup, assisted living, and much more. Farmers Insurance is also famed to serve about 10 million households with its offering of insurance to undervalued homes, vacant homes, older homes, etc. All these companies offer reliable and quality services.